Song for today: Capricornia by Allo Darlin’.

I went to a really great gig tonight. I could actually see the band! My friend Nina and I are short and tend to get stuck behind very tall men when we go out and see music; the last gig we went to together was Sharon Van Etten and our view was sabotaged by a giant in an anorak. Not happy. If I don’t know the band in question then I generally like to know what they’re like before I go, mostly so the songs are vaguely familiar, enabling potential singalongs. So when Nina invited me to go with her I checked them out on Spotify and I’ve been listening to them ever since. They’re called Allo Darlin’ and they’re just what I need at the moment; the perfect antidote to the introspective, sad, curled-up-like-a-woodlouse rut that I’ve fallen into recently. I’m still in it, but you know. Nobody can work miracles… Lyrically, they’re funny, thoughtful and sweet, something that always endears me to a band, and the music is upbeat and sunny – catchy pop songs that make me smile and put a spring in my step. As much as I love the melancholic intensity of Daughter, they’ve been near-impossible to listen to recently, along with most of the other music I love, because I’ve been feeling so emotional. Associations with past times, good and bad (especially good) are hard, and when even ABBA make you cry you know you’re in trouble. (As an aside though, that’s not wholly surprising, given their lyrics… ABBA easily convey heartbreak, but it’s often masked by their buoyant melodies. They are generally one of my ‘go-to’ cheer-me-up bands though.)

Back to this song then. It’s the one that I’ve listened to the most. Like most of their songs, it’s very easy on the ears, but interesting enough that it’s not just background music. The line that immediately grabbed me and stayed with me was “And you turn my world on it’s axis, every time I look into your eyes”. It perfectly sums up that feeling of falling for someone. It was even better live; the band interact so well with each other, bouncing about on stage and also, just to be totally shallow, the lead singer is really cute. Elizabeth Morris, if you ever read this, I’m the girl who came up to you at the merch stand and said I couldn’t buy anything but that you were really good, and I totally have a crush on you…

So here we go. Capricornia by Allo Darlin’. Thanks for brightening up my week, guys. <3