Holy epiphany, Batman

I feel like an evangelical nutter writing this but I have to get it down because it feels too important not to. I am writing this in the dark without my glasses on, nose inches from the screen, it’s THAT important.

The connection doesn’t have to stop just because she isn’t there. Just because she’s not around, it doesn’t mean that the connection doesn’t exist. That it hasn’t existed. That our connection, our relationship, has ceased to be.

Is it really that fucking simple? Didn’t I know that already? I feel as though I have just stumbled across some sort of holy light, only it’s been staring me in the face for years, in the form of basic yet unintelligible words.

The connection still exists even when she’s not there. 

How can something so simple be so profound? What the actual fucking fuck?

(I finally had my crying meltdown, and lo, it was good. Snotface extraordinare. Which has led onto this ‘revelation’. I know it’s 4am but – WHAT. THE. HELL. Bed now. But OMG.)


2 thoughts on “Holy epiphany, Batman

  1. love you pixie. haven’t texted u back as didn’t want to cost you money, but am following your posts here and on psychcafe. xxx

    1. Aww yay, hello! Love you too! I don’t think it costs me money, think that’s just calls. Wondered why I hadn’t heard from you but thought probably networks just playing up as some of my texts have gone funny when received. Miss you. Who are you on psychcafe? :) xxx

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