I don’t know how much this name suits me anymore. But it’s a part of who I am, who I was. I am a talker though, that much is true.

A bit more about me: I am in my 3os. I live in the UK. I work in healthcare. I am in therapy, and have been for almost 6 years. That is mostly what I talk about, although not really about that. Some of it is about that. But it’s mostly about me and how I experience the world and how it affects me and what that means. What it means to be me, struggling with a disordered attachment style and dealing with a lot, but generally managing ok.

When I first started this blog I was not ok, and I had a lot of defences, a huge amount. I have broken most of them down now and so I have more of an awareness of who and how I am, but that brings with it more grief and I guess that is what I am working with now. The grieving and the loss. So even though my posts might seem like I am not ok, they are sporadic bursts of it, rather than the almost always not ok of before. I don’t blog about happy lovely things because I generally just live them. Maybe I should blog about them? I don’t know.

Ok, so maybe the name still fits. :) That’s enough for now.


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